This portal has been created to submit support tickets and in time to get information to help answer and support all DSI Staff (including Bona Vista).  



  • All support tickets (IT and Maintenance) are to be created in this .

With this portal you can send support tickets to either the IT Department or the Maintenance Department.


To submit a ticket, all you have to do is click the "+ New support ticket" button in the upper right-hand corner (see diagram below) and fill out the quick form.


You may also “Sign Up” and create an account in Freshdesk to submit tickets.   This is not a requirement, but it allows you to Login and see your tickets that you have created.  


Either way, you can create a support ticket using any email address.   I suggest a DSI  email, but it does not have to be.


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When creating a support ticket, 


The fields are as follows:

  • Submitted by (Email) (required): email address of the person creating the ticket. Please use your DSI or Bona Vista email, if possible, but any email address will work.
  • Contact Name (required): Please give us your name.
  • Phone Number: Give us a good phone number or cell number to contact you at.
  • Group: From the pull down, please select whether this ticket is an IT issue, or Maintenance issue
  • Location/Facility: From the pull down, please select the Location for this support ticket.  The list is broken down between Bona Vista (BV) and DSI locations for easy of use.  All Supported Living tickets are to use “Supported Living” and please give the location in the “Description of Problem”.
  • Cost Center/Department Number”:  Please give us your Cost Center Number.
  • Description: Give a brief description of the issue you are having. If an IT issue, please give us the machine name if a PC problem. 
  • You can also attach any support files, documentation, or screen shots by clicking “+ Attach a file” at the bottom of the description field.
  • Computer Name: If an IT issue, please give us the machine name, which is available via a sticker on the PC or Laptop.


After filling out the form, you check the “I’m not a robot” Captcha box. 


Then click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form and the ticket will be submitted.


Someone will respond to the ticket and responses throughout the life of the ticket will be sent to the email address that you put in the responder field.


If you have any questions, please email the IT department at